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Article: 5 East Coast Australian Surf Towns you should've visited last summer!

5 East Coast Australian Surf Towns you should've visited last summer!

Now that summer has been and gone! The sting is slowly dropping out of the sun and we are stuck reminiscing on all the good times, parties and beach days that were. We ask you to ponder did you travel all the places, have all the conversations, dance to the music and hang out with the people that you wanted? Maybe you did and maybe you didn't the good news is, theres always next summer! Check out a few of our suggested hot spots for you to check out next rotation of the big rock around.

1. Crescent Head 

If you're a lover of Long Point Breaks, uncrowded back beaches and more epic campgrounds than you can poke a stick at then Crescent Head is for you.It has charm that makes you feel like you are back in the 70's, the main point is lined with vans littered doozing surfers, boots open or checking the points perfect waves. Drop into the towns local bakery for a truly world class Australian pie and dessert experience. If you are after a board, a good yarn or perhaps even a night out on the town then look no further than The Station Board Store. JJ Star is owner and operator and will point you in the direction of an array of magic sticks that come across his residence . He also puts on Rad parties with bands travelling up and down the coast, art exhibitions and surf movie nights. 



2. Scotts Head 

Okay imagine Byron Bay or Noosa 25 years ago without the crowds, okay if you can picture that then yeah you pretty much have Scotts Head. It's an iconic little Australian Surf Town with the bare essentials to get you by but a variety of great waves. The Point break offers long waves perfect for Longboarding, cruising on the fish or Whacking it with the shortboard when it gets a little bigger. The are also some other great back beach options just around the corners. In terms of shopping and shops theres not a whole lot at Scotts its the place you go to turn down the noise and enjoy the present. Spend some time in nature and spend as much time in the beautiful waters of the surrounding beaches. However for a little tip you will find a truly 1st class Melbourne style coffee drop into Brayden at Oska and Co.

3. Ulladulla 

The South Coast is an underrated gem of the east coast of Australia. Boasting some of the best (and heaviest) waves in the country, great for the surfer trying to challenge themselves and step up their surfing. However it also has many playful waves that are perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers alike. The town is home to debatably the best pie in Australia, the infamous Haydens Pies shop. 

4. Bermagui 

The small fishing village of Bermagui is located on the South Coast. You can definitely tell its a small fishing village but the beauty of Bermagui lies in its isolated elegance. There are plenty of playful and empty beach breaks that surround Bermagui which produce fantastic waves on there day. If you are looking for a feed and sunset beer look no further than the Bermagui Beach Hotel, located right on the waters edge with great food and beer options. If you are after some gear or a host of the best clothing & accessories on the market visit Lana our Stockist at Boho Bermagui. 


5.  Seals Rocks 

Is this Australias most beautiful Coastal Town? You'll have to find out for yourself but my vote is yes. Seals is quiet off the beaten track on the Mid North Coast, it is surrounded by the scenic Booti Booti national park. The wave quality varies from mellow point break waves to sometimes heavy back beachies that can produce fun walls or barrels on their given day.  Theres essentially zero in the way of food and shops here so bring in your own Loot if you don't want to pay over the top general shop stores and limited range.