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Wax Fresh - Wax Scraper - BOARDSOX® AustraliaWax Fresh - Wax Scraper - BOARDSOX® Australia
Wax Fresh - Wax Scraper Sale priceFrom $15.00 USD
Sold outSurf Wax - Organic COOL WATER - BOARDSOX® AustraliaSurf Wax - Organic COOL WATER - BOARDSOX® Australia
Sold outSurf Wax - Organic COLD WATER - BOARDSOX® AustraliaSurf Wax - Organic COLD WATER - BOARDSOX® Australia
Surf Wax - Organic COLD WATER Sale price$5.00 USD
Sold outSurf Wax - Organic WARM WATER - BOARDSOX® AustraliaSurf Wax - Organic WARM WATER - BOARDSOX® Australia

 Discover the ultimate surfboard protection with Boardsox® Surfboard Bags, meticulously designed for surfers who demand both style and functionality.   

You've tried them all, haven't you? Those synthetic polyester board covers that promise durability but end up fraying, tearing, or just plain falling apart. It’s not just frustrating, but it’s also a hit to your pocket, forcing you to replace them far too often. Even worse, they're contributing to our global landfill crisis.

But the real pain? It's not just about the money you're wasting on temporary solutions. It's about the sinking feeling you get when you realize you're part of the problem. It's the guilt that creeps in when you see another piece of synthetic polyester tossed carelessly aside, another testament to our throwaway culture. Your love for the ocean is at odds with the environmental harm caused by these disposable covers.
Isn't it time for a change? At Boardsox our canvas covers are not just built to last, they're also a responsible consumer choice. Crafted from durable canvas, these covers offer the protection your surfboard needs, while ensuring you're doing your part to reduce environmental waste. It's time for a board cover aligning with your values and love for the ocean. Choose Boardsox canvas covers - because your surfboard deserves better, and so does our planet.


Discover the ultimate protection for your surfboard with Boardsox, the leading provider of sustainable surfboard covers in Australia. Whether you're flying to a surf destination or driving to your local beach, our eco-friendly surfboard covers are designed to keep your board safe from dings and scratches.

Durable Canvas Surfboard Bags

Our premium canvas surfboard bags are lightweight, durable, and resistant to wax and water. With extra nose padding, these covers offer superior protection. Unlike traditional polyester covers, Boardsox surfboard bags are easy to use and won't tear or rip, ensuring your board stays secure.

Shop Surfboard Sock Covers and Bags Online

Searching for high-quality surfboard covers or socks online? Look no further! Boardsox offers convenient AfterPay options and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $250. Each cover comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing a lifetime of adventure.

Upgrade to the best sustainable surfboard covers today and protect your board with Boardsox.