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Article: Oceans Matter Podcast - Season 2 with Sam McLennan From Project Interrupt

Oceans Matter Podcast - Season 2 with Sam McLennan From Project Interrupt

Boardsox is kicking off Season two of The Oceans Matter Podcast with a huge episode off one of the most ambitious grass roots environmental quests we have seen. Sam McLennan has had one of the most fascinating lives we have encountered and his latest mission is no different! 

The name of Sams operation is Project Interrupt which stems from trying to interrupt the norm which is peoples relationship with waste. He wants the raft to be a conversation starter for the kinds of environmental catastrophes that are occurring in our own backyard. Sam has been collecting debris that has been washing up all over the coastal line along Tasmania. He says a majority of the waste has been from fishing farms which includes things like rope, plastic tubing and even flotation bouys. However there is also a component of waste & plastic that comes from general population which Sam has been collecting just for the sake of cleaning up the beach. 


Sams raft has really start to take some shape however admittedly in his own words it does look a little bit like something from Mad Max. 

Sams raft will be ready for it's first rounds of testing he hopes at the end of February, where he will have to get a helicopter to lift the raft and place it into the ocean. Sam plans on gradually building up the raft to more difficult conditions testing it in strong winds and eventually bigger swells. If the raft passes these tests he then says it will be ready for a crack at crossing the bass strait for Hobart to Sydney. He knows its a massive mission but other brands and organisations have jumped on board such as King G, Stormy Life jackets, Hobart City Council and Anaconda . 

Project Interrupt currently has two documentaries being made about its mission and with an independent film makers jumping on board and the ABC doing a piece on it as well. 

If you would like to be a legend and donate to help Sams cause then hit the link below