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21 Years old from Bronte Beach, Sydney. I work full time as a Lifeguard down at Bondi and on my days off I’m chasing waves around our country living out of my Troopy. 

Greatest Surfing moments: 

My most memorable surfing moment would be on a recent strike mission to a wave on a remote island in Indonesia called Apocalypse. I was lucky enough to get some waves that were the longest and roundest barrels I’ve ever seen with no one else around for days. 

Favourite Board

Can’t go past my 5’10 Dylan Shapes Predator! I use this board for paddling slabs, towing Bombies and even my short board when the waves got some push

Favourite Boardsox or accessory  

The Boardsox covers have helped me sleep at night (Literally). When throwing my boards in the back of the Troopy on-top my bed after a surf and knowing the sand and water isn’t going to be all through my bed has made my trip so much easier and more convenient. It’s the little things in life when camping that make it so much more enjoyable!

I’m so grateful for all of the incredible places surfing has taken me and all of the amazing people I’ve met through surfing. I’m excited to continue going on lots more surfing adventures in the future.


Gold Coast / Phillip Island 

Greatest Surfing moments

Ahh I’ve had so many amazing surfing moments, however one of the best would have to be a boat trip I did to the Mentawai and Telo islands with my brother and a group of friends. Pumping waves, warm water and epic company! 

And I also love quiet offshore days surfing at home with all of my friends! 

Favourite Board
9’1 Surfboards by Gus ‘Glitterbug’ 

Favourite Boardsox or accessory  

I love my longboard covers. They’re so compact and allow my boards to stack in my van so effortlessly. And they’re so bright and colourful!!!