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Boardsox sits down for a special episode 3 of the oceans matter podcast with special guest Josh Ku. The recent big swell event that slammed the East Coast of Australia on Saturday the 2nd of April was one for the history books. 

One of the biggest and cleanest swells in recent history hit the East Coast of Australia lighting up the popular big wave spot of Deadmans. Our man Josh Ku jumped the bridge and took a gamble on surfing a wave that in the past hasn't served him so well. Turns out rolling the dice payed off,  stroking into one of the waves of the day. 

We sat down with Josh to deep dive into the day and talk everything from his big wave preparation, equipment choices and all the events that led up to his 15ft + Barreling beast of a wave! It was great to see the commitment and clarity to the artform of big wave surfing and we think there are some gold nuggets of information for up coming big wave chargers and average joes alike, who are trying to push their bigger wave surfing limits!  



Josh is also a multidiverse talented aquatic specialist from his foiling practice to being one of Sydneys expert spear fisherman, he provides a wealth of knowledge that we we explore. 

Joshs spear fishing has seen him land some legendary trophy fish. You can see some of his best catches on his instagram page below ! It is no wonder he is comfortable in big wave hold downs when he is battling monstrous fish like these ones.  


Foiling is Josh's latest aquatic addiction, he is proudly founder of the Sydney Foil Club, check out there page below. If you live in Sydney and are looking to get into foiling or improve your foiling then this is the community for you. Josh is a regular foiler but has also made the leap to SUP down wind foiling.