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Article: Oceans Matter Podcast 2 - Saltwater Dreamtime

Oceans Matter Podcast 2 - Saltwater Dreamtime


Boardsox is honoured to sit down in episode 2 of the oceans matter podcast with the esteemed artist, creative genius and brilliant human Zach Bennett. Zac known artistically as Saltwater Dreamtime is the talented human who created the best selling Boardsox design of the Bombora Boardsox Cover.

This cover is in collaboration with our partners Juraki Surf and Previously Naru Surf organisation who are both leading their field in indigenous youth work and surfing.

We believe in sustainable and ethical practices, and that is why we work with charities that help build stronger surfing communities.   Thanks to ALL YOU LEGENDS who purchased a Bombora Boardsox we have now raised $5000 towards helping Naru Surf Organisation and Juraki Surf these guys to grow their mission and help more children ignite their love for the ocean & surfing!



Boardsox -  The Oceans Matter Podcast.

Having to drive up and down the east coast of Australia to drop our stockists product and chase waves along the way, we are used to spending hours on end in the car.

There is no better cure for a long van trip than a good podcast, whether its

  • listening to an interesting story,
  • learning some new information or
  • just having a good old fashion chuckle to some A-grade smack talking is the best way to kill time.

So we thought why not host our own, we know so many legends that no one has talked to yet and we want to cross them off our list and put them in your ears! 

Oceans Matter Podcast hosted by Co-Founder of Boardsox Dan O'Connell is going to interview a wide range of people however with the common connection of love for mother ocean. We are going to interview everyone from big wave surfers to marine biologists and everyone in-between.

We have pre-recorded the first 5 episodes, so here is a little sneak preview of our first few episodes 

1) Eddy Hudson - Bondi lifeguard, big wave charger and globe trotting adventurer with some of the travel best stories on the market. 

2) Zac Bennett - We chat with legendary indigenous artist & creative behind best selling Bombora cover. I get to discuss everything from 

3) Lucy Small - incredible Longboarder, talented writer and gender equality activist drops into share stories. 

4) Grant Treblic - Founder of One Wave is all it Takes, a mental health organisation using salt water and talk therapy to change lives. 

5) Dr Robert Harcourt -  Is honorary professor of marine ecology at Maquarie Univerisity, specialising in Marine Conversation, Eco systerms, Animal Behaviour and ecology.


We are super pumped to delve into all elements of the ocean, land, nature, history and the stories that surround them.

Hoping you can all tune in and if you have any recommendations drop them to us via DM on instagram or























We are proud to call this our Boardsox best seller and to continue this relationship going strong. Keep your eye out for another collaboration coming up with SaltWater Dreamtime very shortly!


We are super excited to bring you our second episode of the Oceans Matter Podcast, a quick recap on last episode we sat down with Bondi Lifeguard, big wave charger and world journeyman & story teller Eddy Hudson. This week we sit down with Zach and talk everything from growing up in Darhawal country, moving from street art to painting art for Chris Hemsworth and delving into his indigenous heritage. It’s a cracking episode, we really enjoyed it and hope you do to !
















Juraki surf Information (dot points)   


JURAKI is an Indigenous Not-For-Profit community entity committed to creating, supporting & partnering in community activities, programs and (sporting) events that give Indigenous similar yet culturally-sensitive opportunities to main-stream. “Closing the gap from the Indigenous perspective”


The Saltwater Dreamtime X Boardsox Collaboration raised $2,500 to help supporting Juraki’s mission towards


To find out more about Juraki Surf Mission then click the link to their website below

Or to directly donate to them you can do so via the link below.






















Naru Indigenous Corporation offer facilitation of a healthy lifestyle & wellbeing programs for our community. The Ocean is a significant aspect of our culture and the benefit of promoting a healthy lifestyle in an open and safe environment. 

The ocean knowledge, surf skills, First Aid and lifesaving training that Naru Indigenous Corporation delivers to both youth and adults builds capability and resilience to support individuals to better manage ongoing and difficult situations. 

We are proud to have shared the gift of Surfing with over 300 Indigenous young people in the last 12 months.


To find out more about the Naru Surf organisation follow their website below!













We are also congratulating Boardsox Team rider and up coming talent Jasmine McCorquodale on taking out the win in women’s open Wandiyali Surf Competition. Jasmine has been on a roll recently and have seen her surfing coming along in leaps and Bounds, we are super proud to be able to support her on her competitive surfing journey! She joined the likes of fellow surfers and ex WSL elite Soli Bailey in the mens open,  Rhys Collins and Taj Simon taking out the other mens events. Micro Grom Leihani took out the girls junior event!