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Article: Boardsox Join Surfers For Climate Sustainable Supply Club

Boardsox Join Surfers For Climate Sustainable Supply Club

Surfers For Climate has launched its Sustainable Supply Club as a way to steer the surf industry and community towards a better environmental future. We are stoked to be on board as a founding brand partner and look forward to helping SFC change the way surfers consume, while also facilitating their mission to build a sea-roots movement for positive climate action and seeing an end to oil and gas exploration in Australian waters.

Pic: Jarrah Lynch 

A $99 Sustainable Supply Club Membership unlocks hundreds of dollars worth of deals and discounts from epic brands, as well as earns members free entry into monthly giveaways valued at more than $2000. A membership also supports the work of Surfers For Climate in fighting to see an end to offshore oil and gas exploration in Australian waters and build a sea-roots movement within the surfing community for deeper climate action.

The Sustainable Supply Club connects surfers with brands already on the sustainability journey, helping these brands strengthen relationships with members of the surfing community who are demanding more environmentally positive business and products. 

From flax cloth surfboards to boardshorts made with coconut fibre, sunscreen that supports indigenous communities to plant-based wetsuits, the Sustainable Supply Club has a solid roster of brands from within the surf industry and beyond that are ready to engage with members as they sign up.

Surfers For Climate CEO Josh Kirkman:

Pic: Nick Green 

“We are stoked to launch the Sustainable Supply Club initiative in partnership with so many rad brands today, providing a new way for surfers and the surf industry to engage with us and go deeper on climate action. We are all going to buy products that help us go out and enjoy the surf, so we figured we ought to provide a platform for advancing sustainable solutions in this respect.

We know that surfers want action on climate change. We see more and more of them at paddle-outs around Australia to oppose new offshore oil and gas exploration in our waters. Since our launch last year, our advocacy work was our main engagement with surfers, and this will continue in the lead up to the Federal Election next year - we want to see all oil and gas exploration cease in Australian waters as soon as possible.”

In addition to providing members with deals, discounts and giveaways of more environmentally-friendly products, the Sustainable Supply Club will also act as a platform for collaboration and engagement for the surf industry and surfing community. Webinars on key sustainability and environmental themes will be provided to members, as well as opportunities to collaborate with brand partners on the development of more sustainable products.

Adrian Buchan, Surfers For Climate Board Member and Professional Surfer:

“I’ve been using surf products all my life, and all of them have had an impact on the environment. I know that there is an aspiration in the surf industry to do better for the environment and take action on climate change, so I’m really happy to see the Sustainable Supply Club launched and hope to see as many surf industry partners join the movement.”


The Sustainable Supply Club Membership will be $99 bucks annually, and the combined value of discounts, deals and giveaways is in excess of $2000. Membership funds will be used to support and grow the Sustainable Supply Club initiative as well as the ongoing efforts by Surfers For Climate to see an end to oil and gas exploration in Australian waters.

Learn more about the Sustainable Supply Club here: