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Article: We Welcome Nathan Rivalland to the Team

We Welcome Nathan Rivalland to the Team

Boardsox is very proud to welcome Nathan Rivalland into our team riders/ambassador program to join our already talented team of legends.

    Nathan is a 22 year old surfer and qualified journalist from Jan Juc in Victoria who shows great variety and flair in his apporach to surfing. 

    Nathan started surfing when he was under the age of six years old old in Byron up north on family trips then caught the bug big time thereafter competing and travelling across Australia and the world to surf! Nathan has been lucky to be previously supported by O’Neill Oz, Strapper Surf, Monsta Surf, Hueys Choice Wax and Palehorse Surfboards over the course of time and loves to surf with his mates and enjoy the stoke on both shortboard and longboards. 

    Nathan has made finals in state and regional comps across Victoria and has been lucky enough to represent Victoria at the Australian Titles as well as earn the Wayne Lynch rising star surfer award for Surfing in Victoria. 

    Currently Nathan is surfing logs more than short boards, but still loves both, work for Need Essentials and Surfing Victoria as a commentator and journo, and outside of that just loves surfing, playing footy, hanging with friends and being active, not to mention he loves having a boogie and also DJ’ing the odd event!

    We put together a list of questions to ask Nathan about his surfing journey and can't wait to catch up with him in person very soon to work on some exciting up coming projects!


      What age did you start surfing and where did you start surfing?

      Started surfing around the age of five up in Byron on family trips with my dad and then got the bug big time. Have certainly found it a very joyful activity ever since!

      What kind of surfer would you describe yourself as? 

      I’d like to think I have my own unique cruisy type of style. Love to mix up my equipment and am always happy to be out in the water with any crew! 

      What’s your Favourite and Least Favourite part about surfing in Victoria?

      Favourite part is definitely the variety of surf options from small logging points to big hollow beach breaks! The worst part and as many would know, Victoria ain’t the warmest place on earth!

      Who are some surfers who inspire you at the moment?

      I’m always inspired by what some of my fellow Victorians are doing!

      Ben Considine, Chad McLauchlan and Tim Edwards certainly come to mind as well as some of the younger female longboard stars like Bea Conroy and Kirra Molnar from up in QLD who I co host a longboarding podcast with! 

      Absolutely love Joel Tudor’s style, Torren Martyn and Mikey February’s ability to make everything look so effortless and am always inspired by Steph Gilmore and her beautiful approach to a wave.

      Also absolutely love the Occ and his lethal backhand! 

      Once borders open up do you have any destinations or particular waves you are dying to surf ?

      I’ve been pretty lucky over the journey to travel around quite a bit with my surfing, however I am stinging to get over to NZ to commentate and surf in an event that is hopefully going to come to fruition!

      Raglan is certainly on the bucket list being a goofy footer!

      What's the best surf trip you’ve ever been on?

      Super tough one, hard to toss up between my epic Europe trip in 2020 surfing Portugal, France and the Basque Country of Spain or a 2018 trip to Macaroni’s and Keramas!

      When your not surfing what can people find you doing?

      When I’m not surfing I’m usually working for Surfing Victoria as a commentator and writer or I’m over working at Need Essentials. 

      Outside of work I love playing footy, snowboarding, fishing, spinning some tunes on the DJ decks whilst having a mad boogie!

      If you had to ride one board for the rest of your life, what board would it be and why?

      Ooo tough one! 

      I feel like a mid length 7’10 board that you could whip around and soul arch would be pretty cool and keep you pretty psyched, so maybe something like that. 

      Problem with logs is that when it gets too heavy they don’t perform as well and then if the waves are tiny, a shorty can be useless, so maybe something right in the middle! 

      If you could share a perfect empty line-up what wave would you surf and who would you surf it with?

      Wow, I reckon I’d choose to surf somewhere like Mundaka in Europe or Macaroni’s! 

      I’d definitely love to have just my immediate family out there and some of my best mates. Just trade waves and have an eternity of laughs!

      What’s your favourite Boardsox cover?

      Frothing the Alien Love Ozzie Wright covers for sure! Love the colour of it, but also a big fan of the Bombora sock with the epic Indigenous design and proceeds from the sale going towards supporting the JARUKI Indigenous Surfing organisation, which supports indigenous surfers from across Australia. 



      Nathan also co-hosts a longboarding podcast called Oz Longboarding!

      Available on podcast hosting sources
      Or follow Nathan on  his social IG below