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Article: Surfing COVID19 Survival Guide !!

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Surfing COVID19 Survival Guide !!

You may have noticed that the ocean appears to have never been busier than in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. Yep the stay at home virus has meant that people are craving their daily does of exercise and the best exercise as we know is surfing. 

Not only is it the beach that is crowded but the surf industry boom due to COVID19 has seen people spend their pennys on new sticks, extra wax and pretty much anything else that is surf related. 

Here are our best tips and tricks to get the most out of riding the COVID19 wave all the way through winter and get your fair share of waves and increase water time. 

1) Stock up on wax 

Is panic buying wax the equivalent to normal people panic buying toilet paper? well it appears so. Extra water time has meant wax stocks are low throughout Australia. We've been hearing reports of wax being sold out in multiple surf shops in the one area, so take this into consideration when you do stumble across some. Stock up and take a couple to last you for the coming weeks and months, don't go crazy Mr/Mrs Panic buyer.


2) Buy a DIY Ding repair kit + keep your board in a Boardsox 

Not sure about your local but my local resembles something a lot like a lawless zoo. I've seen carnage to a greater extent than I really thought was possible, some if it makes me laugh other parts makes me cringe and sometimes dive underwater and wrap my arms around my head. Yes I am talking bleeding faces, broken boards and fin chops to the bum..... Anyway with all these extra bodies in the water its no suprise that your board is in extra danger of being run over or  dinged up. Ding repair workers are up to their ears in work at the moment and waits have become known to be weeks long, so save yourself some time and money and keep one of these bad boys in your survival kit. Boards don't only get dinged in the water, most dings happen transporting between your house and the beach, locally. Keep your babies safe by getting them one of our durable 16oz canvas Boardsox covers with 5mm reinforced nosepad to make sure your board can stay in the water and away from the ding doctor..



3) Early bird gets the worm- Buy an extra wetsuit 

We know It's winter time and those morning winds are extra chilly, bet your bed is damn warm and comfortable as well..... maybe your significant other might even want you to stay in bed for a quick cuddle. Next minute you get down to the beach late and in it's right on morning peak hour rush and it looks something a little bit like a seal colony! Humans are naturally lazy and if you want to capitalise on the least crowded part of the day having 2 wetsuits on rotation will help to get you out the door without the dread in the back of your mind about putting on your wet wetsuit. It also ensures that your only wetsuit dosen't get overused leading to premature aging that results in you turning into an ice cube on those cold mornings. Make sure to hang the other wetsuit out preferably in the shade to keep the rotation going strong and keep the stoke levels high.

4) Work from home? ask your work if your schedule can be flexible

Heres how the current surf schedule looks like currently at most spots 

  • First light: few lonely soilders out there already 
  • 6:30-7: Committed crew getting there half an hour of power before crowd descends 
  • 7:30-8: crowd fills in, getting pretty packed by now
  • 8-9: complete chaos, drops in and snaking galore as everyone hustles and wiggles there way into as many waves as possible before work.
  • 9-10: Things calm down a little, you can get some fun waves.
  • 10-11:30: its pretty empty right now, where is everyone
  • 12 onwards: Lunchtime work crowd fills in, people expecting to get an uncrowded lunchy surf are pleasantly disappointed
  • 2-3: Another pretty empty slot post lunchtime crowd and pre grom take off-over 
  • 3:30: Grom takeover arrives in full force
  • 4-5: Chaos 
  • 5-6: Chaos 

Basically if you've got a flexible workplace or a good relationship with your boss, we would be asking if you can wake up a little early smash out the extra work. It's proven that the morning hours are when people are most productive anyway, so skip the morning crowd, smash your work and then fit into one of these rare slots with a little less humans in the ocean. You will thank yourself, your productivity and other ocean users later.


5) Stoke comes from within, so keep it alive ! 

Yes its crowded, maybe you haven't caught a wave for 30 minutes or maybe you caught wave of the day and a Goat boat burnt you and went straight. All these things are happening and its frustrating times, but just remember surfing is for everyone. No one should be yelled at for making a mistake because of their ability or knowledge. If someone drops in on you, give them a smile and tell them they owe you the next one or if its a repeat offender just calmy explain the rules without yelling. Vice versa if you see someone get a sick wave tell them, hoot girls into waves, hoot guys into waves or if you get a sick wave yourself have a smile and a laugh and tell someone! It's what its all about having fun, not ripping waves to pieces and being pissed off about it. The best surfer is the one having the most fun but also the surfer giving other people the platform to feel safe and have fun, they're true core lords.