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Article: 11 Questions with the Talented Jasmine McCorquodale

11 Questions with the Talented Jasmine McCorquodale

Jaz McCorquodale is a proud indigenous woman and high performance shredder having won the Indigenous womens opens title. She is from the central coast and one of our original Boardsox team riders and an all around legend ambassador for not just us but for womens surfing, Indigenous surfing and just surfing in general! We caught up with her to ask her a few questions in lockdown! 



 What age did you start surfing?

I started surfing around age 9 but only really discovered my love for competing around

What kind of surfer wound you describe yourself as? 

I love to dabble in all kinds of surfboards! Traditionally , i’m a shortboard enthusiast but I love riding my longboard and twin fin if the waves are small

What’s your favourite part about surfing and the spending time in the ocean?

For me, I think it’s so rewarding being able to connect to the ocean and land through my passion for surfing. My favourite part of surfing is the gratifying connection that it provides to the waves and people out in the line up.

You won the Indigenous titles, how was that event whats the vibe like and what does it mean to take home some a prestigious event? 

I feel like it’s such a privilege to be holding the current Women’s Indigenous Title! The vibe of the event can only be described as a shared passion and love for culture, connections and our stoke for surfing and I think these are some of the main reasons I hold this victory so close!

Who are some surfers who inspire you whether that be local surfers or international surfers? 

I love to take inspiration from surfers from all around the world! My favourite female surfer is Carissa Moore with her bubbly personality and incredible surfing ability. 

How have you been keeping busy through the COVID Pandemic, reading any good books, watching any good TV series or any podcasts ? 

I'm currently in the middle of my HSC so I have no problem keeping busy! When i’m not studying, i’m surfing and if i’m not doing either of those then I love to spend time cooking and listening to music. 


How important is the ocean to you and how important is the ocean in indigenous culture?

As a proud kamilaroi women, I think my connection to the land and my people shine through for my passion for the ocean and surfing. The kamilaroi people traditionally live in land so  their experiences with the ocean would have been very different to mine but I think this is what makes our individualised connections so unique and rewarding.

Where do you see the future of indigenous surfing going in Australia, who are some young guns to watch out for? 

I think Indigenous surfing is just starting to take off, there is definitely a bright future for the Indigenous community in all sports, especially surfing. The crew up at Juraki have some very talented Indigenous surfers that are doing some pretty epic things, I'd definitely keep an eye on those shredders! 


If you could share a perfect empty line-up what wave would you surf and who would you surf it with? 

I know the expected response would usually be somewhere iconic like ‘Snapper’ or ‘Indo’ or ‘Pipeline’, but I honestly can never go past surfing my local when it’s pumping! It would awesome to share that lineup with a bunch of girls from the coast, I think it’s so inspiring seeing so many girls out in the water shredding :)


Had to ride one board for the rest of your life what would it be?

ooo, this is a tough one. I honestly can never go past my old favourite Channel Islands Rook15 Spinetek epoxy! 


What’s your favourite Boardsox cover? 

Another tough one! I can only narrow it down to my top 3. I love the design on my bombora travel bag but I use my Kelly Boardsox and GreenLeaf Boardsox almost everyday :)


To find out more about Jaz and follow her journey you can follow along on her social media page below !