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Article: 5 Reasons to take up Surfing in COVID19!

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5 Reasons to take up Surfing in COVID19!

We are all aware we are living in the midst of a pandemic of the likes we have never seen before in our lifetime. With dramatic changes happening all throughout society, here is your perfect opportunity to make your own personal change and pick up both a hobby and lifestyle that could change your health and life for the better. Here are 5 reasons why surfing could be the answer to your COVID blues (even the bloody queen is doing it)! 

1) Surfing isn't a team sport! 

Yes, there's been a lot of social team sports competitions shut down due to COVID19. If you have lost your usual weekly team sports outlet and need a replacement then look no further than getting a wave. Surfing is a full-body workout that you can do for hours on hours and not even realize you are working out because you're just having a lot of fun. You will tone up your shoulders, back muscles, and legs, it's a legitament full-body workout. Imagine swimming for 2 hours in a pool and then throw in between 20 and 50 burpees in the mix, now that's a good workout. 

it is also pretty easy to abide by 1.5m social distancing requirements in the surfing lineup......unless your local break is Snapper or Bondi. 

2) Surfing reconnects you with Nature 

Surfers have always know how important immersing yourself in nature is for both your physical wellbeing and mental health. It's never been more important to keep your immune system optimal and spending time in nature is apart of that process. Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and production of stress hormones. After all, aren't we just really smart monkeys? 

3) Your daily dose of Vitamin D & Sunlight 

Sunshine is converted by the skin cells into Vitamin D, this performs roles in your body like calcium absorption, warding off depression, and lowering risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Forget eating a tablet containing vitamin D in it, get the real stuff, and get outside under that big ball of flaming goodness (the sun that is). 

The latest news on COVID19 from scientists suggests that it is killed by UV light. While COVID19 may last on materials like metals, plastics, and cardboard for several days it doesn't last anywhere near the same amount of time on outdoor surfaces exposed to sunlight. I am no scientist but I think I can conclusively say you are safer in the surf than the supermarket folks, get out there!  

4) Surfings a cheap sport! 

Yes, we are sure many of you have lost your jobs to COVID and are living on a bit of a budget currently. Skip your yearly trip to the snow this year and join the Sco-Mo surf team! A weekend at the snow costs petrol ($200), Lift pass ( $150), ski equipment hire ($300), accommodation $800, beer ($20 each) and the list goes on and on! Unlike most sports that require expensive ongoing memberships or expensive equipment start-up costs, surfing theoretically just has one cost a surfboard. Sure you can buy your expensive top of the line performance board for over $1000. However, if you are learning or just getting started you should be able to pick up a foam board from gumtree for between $100 to $300 for a decent one that floats enough for you to learn the basics on. You can also usually also pick up some cheap lessons on gumtree as well if you really need an extra push to get started. 


5) Surfing will take you to the most epic parts of the world!

 Yes, usually I would be talking about all the amazing international travel spots you can reach because of surfing. However, due to COVID19, that seems to be off the cards for a little while so let's have a look a little closer to home. If you are lucky enough like us to live in a wave-rich country like Australia then its never been a better time to really get to know your backyard. The beautiful part about traveling to find new waves and places is even if you don't score then most of the time you the people, places, and nature you meet along the way make it all worth it!