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Jaz Mccorquodale

Jaz Mccorquodale

Short Bio about yourself: My name is Jasmine McCorquodale and Im a proud Kamillaroi Women living on Darkinjung Land. I have a passion for surfing which has led me into a love for travelling, competing and making new friends around the world! 


Darkinjung Land (Central Coast, Bateau Bay). 

Greatest Surfing moments

Winning an Australian Indigenous Titles is one of my proudest surf memories. I was able to experience my love for surfing and my connections to culture in the same moment. 

Favourite Board

I have been absolutely loving my quiver from Aloha Surfboards, too hard to pick a favourite. 

Favourite Boardsox or accessory
Definitely The Green Leaf shortboard cover! Gives me tropical vibes :)

Video courtesy of Tom Hackett.