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Article: Boardsox Launches Oceans Matter Podcast

Boardsox Launches Oceans Matter Podcast


Boardsox are proud to launch our very own podcast The Oceans Matter Podcast. Having to drive up and down the east coast of Australia to drop our stockists product and chase waves along the way, we are used to spending hours on end in the car.

There is no better cure for a long van trip than a good podcast, whether its

  • listening to an interesting story,
  • learning some new information or
  • just having a good old fashion chuckle to some A-grade smack talking is the best way to kill time.

So we thought why not host our own, we know so many legends that no one has talked to yet and we want to cross them off our list and put them in your ears! 

Oceans Matter Podcast hosted by Co-Founder of Boardsox Dan O'Connell is going to interview a wide range of people however with the common connection of love for mother ocean. We are going to interview everyone from big wave surfers to marine biologists and everyone in-between.

We have pre-recorded the first 5 episodes, so here is a little sneak preview of our first few episodes 

1) Eddy Hudson - Bondi lifeguard, big wave charger and globe trotting adventurer with some of the travel best stories on the market. 

2) Zac Bennett - We chat with legendary indigenous artist & creative behind best selling Bombora cover. I get to discuss everything from 

3) Lucy Small - incredible Longboarder, talented writer and gender equality activist drops into share stories. 

4) Grant Treblic - Founder of One Wave is all it Takes, a mental health organisation using salt water and talk therapy to change lives. 

5) Dr Robert Harcourt -  Is honorary professor of marine ecology at Maquarie Univerisity, specialising in Marine Conversation, Ecosysterms, Animal Behaviour and ecology.


Enjoy our first episode:


We are super pumped to delve into all elements of the ocean, land, nature, history and the stories that surround them.

Hoping you can all tune in and if you have any recommendations drop them to us via DM on instagram or