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I knew when I met Roland Davies there was something special about him, he had that big infectious smile that made you feel like you knew him a lot longer than you actually did.


We were having a chat about what we have been up to, I had been telling him i got back from a 6 month voyage with some good friends through Sri Lanka, Europe and Morocco. Usually this type of story is a bit of a trump card when exchanging travels stories and no less Roland was very receptive to my journeys. However when I asked him what he had been up to, he told me he had just converted an old truck aka "Nugget" to run off vegetable oil. 


As someone who loves the ocean, the environment and aiming towards sustainability this had completely taken me aback. The more I inquired about Rolands travel stories the more I was fascinated. Roaming Roland ventured up and down the Australian Coastal-line surfing, dropping into cafes, kebab shops & fish and chip shops to take their unwanted vegetable oil to power his trusty steed. 


There are people who care about the environment and talk the talk, then there are people like Roland. The second part to Rolands story is where things get really interesting, exciting and the most core!  While Roland was on this epic veggie fuelled journey , his main objective was to collect as much trash, plastic and debris along the way as possible! 




Inspired by a trip to the beautiful area of Stockton just above Newcastle, where the rolling sand dunes appear to be the picture perfect image of untouched beauty. Unfortunately the reality is upon closer inspection they have a dirty underside of being riddled with man made plastic pollution. As we discuss in the podcast years of unregulated camping, commercial tourist operations and the area being used for navy exercises have left the area in a bad state. Not to mention being close to east coast shipping lanes, with a ship just a few years ago loosing 40 containers overboard! 


Roland went to work collecting 1 ton of trash over a single weekend in the sand dunes - insert video of him frothing out on dunes 


This was the catalyst for him to go deeper on his journey, building his green powered truck and travelling to other remote parts of Australia to give it the Roland clean. Probably one of my favorite parts to this story is his mission to inspire and get other crew involved and how does he do this? through everyones favorite drug....caffeine! Roland had his little areopress handy to fuel any other willing good Samaritans, trading brews for hands on deck. 

The good news is Roland isn't done on his mission to keep our coastline pristine, he has just spent some time resting and recuperating (mainly his funds) to go again! Being head honcho at Deus Manly cafe has seen him put in the hours to allow him to be able to buy his latest love. Shes got a name of course- meet Trish.

Trish is an old firetruck with roughly 20,000kms under her belt so essentially she's a giant red baby. Roland has big plans for Trish, veggie power transition is already underway and he wants to put a commercial coffee machine in the back of it. Not so that he can make extra coin from his magical beans, but so he can trade coffees for extra hands to help him pick up all this plastic decimating our beautiful landscape. We want to help him on his mission so you will be hearing more from us about Roland and his selfless journey to protect Australias beautiful eco-systems! 


You can follow along with Rolland and his his unique journey below