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Dr Robert Harcourt is leader of the Marine Predator Research Group at Macquarie University. He has authored over 320 scientific publications 
and written 2 books. 


Dr Rob fell in love with the underwater world at the ripe age of 4 years old, he was one of those kids who said what he wanted to be when he was at kindergarden and actually grew up to do it. He moved straight into a Zoology degree at Adelaide University and went onto complete a phd, he also became a member of the dive club at Adelaide Univeristy. 



Dr Rob left Australia after University to study abroad at the famous Cambridge University. We discuss this time during his PhD when he studied fur seals and spent time diving with fisheries and freeing entangled whales. 

Dr Rob has worked across a variety of countries including Scotland, USA, Mexico, New Zealand & Antartic on seals, whales & penguins. We delve into his unique work and life experience which led him to missions all over the globe with some of the best insights into the current environmental state of the oceans health. 

Dr Rob primary interests of expertise are in marine conservation, behavioural ecology of marine predators, and marine observing. We talk about Australia's shark encounters, attacks and his thoughts on how to mitigate risk, both on a personal level and at a government policy level. We also discuss how warming of the ocean is changing aquatic animals behavioural patterns, sending species further south due to warming water temperatures. 

Above all else Dr Rob is a big frother, lover of the ocean and surfer where he shares his stoke daily with those around him in the water at Bondi . You will see him out their daily calling girls, guys and anyone on a board into waves. He is also one of the most regular legends down there every Friday for One wave is all it all it Takes Fluro fridays. 



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